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GreenHouse Concentrates

Discover your products TODAY!

About Us



Our mission is to provide the highest quality concentrates available. 

We control our product from SEED to CONCENTRATE!

Primarily focusing on full spectrum therapy and the possibilities of solvent-less concentrates. Our products are made with the least amount of adulterants possible.

 GHC strives to offer the best tasting, smelling, most reliable and effective product line out there! 


Only The Best

Our top shelf strains are grown indoor by our  team of  leaders in the Oklahoma cannabis grow market. 

Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids are all grown here in our own GreenHouse as well as imported from other reputable growers across the state to GUARANTEE the best product.


Our Promise to You

In order to provide our clients with the highest quality of cannabis products, we promise to create a product that will be reliable, consistent, and effective.


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Our Product



Rosin is concentrate in its purest form.

Our Rosin is harvested from the freshest flower and pressed with high-precision, low-temp equipment. This insures we retain as much of the plants  natural cannabinoid profile as possible.


Full Spectrum

Terpenes and canabanoids have varying flavors and medicinal benefits that effect the users overall experience. These benefits are still being discovered in research today. The marijuana plant contains hundreds of different cannabinoids and terpenes, as such, each plant offers a different taste and experience.  

 By preserving as much natural cannabinoid profile possible, we believe that the full medicinal bennefits of the flowers, and their taste are captured. By producing a better overall product and expierence, we want to bring you back time and time again!


Other Featured Products

With the benefits of rosin being our primary focus, we have incorporated it into most other products, but we have not forgotten the other tired and true methods of extraction. From old school Bubble Hash to RSO, Our goal is to offer a totally comprehensive variety of treatment options including:

 Honey Oil, BHO, Shatter, Crumble, Taffy, edibles, and even vapor cartridges made of pure rosin and terpenes derived from the host plant.

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